Art Commissions in the Spotlight


Alicia LaChance


St. Louis Children’s Hospital


BJC HealthCare

art with local connections

About the Artwork

Our client envisioned a lively and cheery atmosphere designed to uplift patients, families, and team members. At St. Louis Children’s Hospital, themed floors connect patients and visitors to popular attractions in nearby Forest Park.

This particular level of the hospital features elements tied to Boathouse at Forest Park, where residents and visitors can enjoy an afternoon paddling on Post Dispatch Lake.

These oars were hand-painted by world-renowned St. Louis artist Alicia LaChance. Using acrylic paints, she customized them in her signature style, incorporating the bold and bright color palette seen throughout St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

About the Artist

Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Alicia LaChance is an abstract and contemporary painter whose style evolved from her early work in fashion and industrial and fashion design. She uses abstract imagery and symbols in her paintings to express a modern graphic language and connect to the history or story behind a piece.

Folksy yet modern, LaChance’s paintings inspire thoughts about a community and its local culture. LaChance was an excellent fit for this project because she is local to the area and incorporates vibrant colors and patterns which align with our client’s vision.