Environmental Branding Products

Create a space unique to your brand and communicate your organization’s mission, values, and identity with branded environmental products. Visual cues such as dimensional logos, branded wall and window graphics, and history timelines can promote a more engaging experience and strengthen the connection between people and place.

Metal Print Artwork

Dimensional Letters & Logos

Make your brand stand out with custom dimensional letters and logos. Dimensional signage is often used in high-traffic areas to communicate a message or enhance brand identity by displaying a company name or logo.

Available in plastic, metal, or printed laminate and customizable by size, thickness, color, and font. Dimensional letters and logos can be flush-mounted, projected, or rail-mounted on any surface, including stone and masonry.

Wall Graphics

Branded wall graphics are a popular and effective way to communicate brand identity and promote core values using existing walls, doors, and even floors. In environments with large collaborative spaces, visually stunning large-scale branded wall graphics with vivid color and crisp detail can provide a beautiful design aesthetic while serving a functional purpose.

Wall graphics are fully customizable and can be designed and cut to fit any space–big or small. Printed on high-quality vinyl and available in a glossy or matte finish, graphics can adhere to a variety of wall types, including textured surfaces. Our team can work with client-submitted concepts or create custom concepts to match the needs of our clients.

Window Graphics & Privacy Films

Branded window graphics and privacy films can add privacy, mask unsightly exterior views, and use existing glass structures to communicate brand identity. These are fully customizable and can be designed and cut to fit any space —big or small. Whether for aesthetics, wayfinding, privacy, or all three, window graphics are a practical way to display logos, mission statements, branded patterns, and more.

Printed on high-quality vinyl or polyester film and available in various degrees of opacity for full or partial privacy, branded window films are perfect for lobbies, conference rooms, and busy corridors. Our team can work with client-submitted concepts or create custom concepts suited to the needs of our clients.

History Walls & Timelines

History walls and timelines are a visual display of graphics and text that tell a story or honor a company’s legacy over time. These displays typically depict past or current leaders and describe events that shaped the organization into what it is today, creating a deeper and more meaningful connection with the individuals they serve.

Our team will collaborate with yours to develop a design that reflects your branding and rich history in a visually coherent and appealing way. To ensure successful results aligned with our client’s needs and vision, our designers will present conceptual illustrations and architectural renderings each step of the way.

Honor Walls & Employee Recognition

Honor walls and employee recognition displays celebrate individuals who go above and beyond to help your company achieve its goals. Publicly recognizing outstanding employees is a great way to motivate team members, strengthen company culture, and enhance brand identity.

Our team will work with you to design an honor wall that aligns with your vision and brand, creating an attractive and functional display perfect for your lobby, break area, or corridor. Whether you’re looking for a more permanent option or one with the flexibility to rotate photos and information, our team can make it happen.

Donor Recognition

Donor recognition displays acknowledge people or groups who have donated or contributed to help advance an organization’s mission. Recognizing donors highlights the importance of community involvement and promotes future donations. ARCH Design will collaborate with your team to develop creative donor recognition displays that can be updated over time.

On left: Ochsner Baptist Women’s Pavilion
Donors are honored by having their name written on a personalized insect or animal placed on the mural for all to see. This creative and interactive solution encourages donations and makes for an exciting and ever-changing visual display.

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