Framed & Canvas Art

Framed and canvas art are the two most popular display options for artwork and photographs. Framed paper prints highlight the richness of color and finest details of an image. While canvas texture can mimic the original brushstrokes of an artwork reproduction, enhancing the depth and lending authenticity to a piece. Both beautiful options, each has different advantages to achieve the look you want.

Framed Artwork

A long-standing favorite display option, framed art can be customized to fit the aesthetic of any interior space. Choose your framing materials to highlight different colors in an image or complement the furniture and wall colors. Accent your feature pieces with unique and eye-catching framing techniques.

Protective glazing (acrylic or glass overlay) options are available to shield against UV fading and scratches and minimize glare and reflection.

Canvas Artwork

Printed on woven fabric stretched around an interior frame, canvas prints allow an image to continue beyond the edges for a seamless and continuous look. Contemporary and eye-catching works of art in themselves, canvas prints lend a gallery-like, sophisticated feel to any environment.

Canvas can accommodate nearly any image or photograph without the need for protective glazing (glass or acrylic). For gallery-wrapped canvas prints, choose from mirrored, solid color, or image-wrapped edge profiles. A floater frame can add elegance by making the artwork appear as if it’s floating within the frame. For a more authentic look, optional embellishments can be added to mimic the texture of brushstrokes.

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