Solid Surface Prints

More captivating than framed prints, more modern than canvas, solid printing surfaces add another level of texture to an environment, engaging the viewers’ senses in exciting new ways. From acrylic and metal to wood and PVC, nontraditional substrates have become a favorite among interior designers and facility managers who desire an unexpected twist on traditional artwork.

Prints on Acrylic

Acrylics enhance a contemporary image with crisp, clean edges and a luminous appearance. While they usually feature a vibrant, glossy finish to make the colors pop, they can be produced with a matte surface to complement the surroundings or reduce glare. Acrylics also allow light to pass through, creating a subtle, dimensional, and in some cases, a glowing effect.

Customize by choosing the thicknesses, type of corner profile, surface finish, and preferred stand-off hardware, if desired.

Prints on Metal

The tough guy of the commercial art world, metal prints give the artwork an edge with clean lines, a smooth finish, and sharp, vivid colors. Typically produced from specially-coated aluminum sheets, metal surface textures can vary from glossy to matte to best suit the imagery.

Customize by choosing the type of corner profile, surface finish, and preferred stand-off hardware, if desired.

Solid Surface Wood Art Prints for Senior Living

Prints on Wood

Wood substrates add the warmth of wood tones to an image. Graphics or patterns for prints on wood can either be printed directly onto or engraved into the prepared piece and then sealed with a protective coating, enhancing the natural wood grain. Today’s treated prints on wood are resistant to moisture and cracking and will last for years to come.

Customize by choosing the type of wood, thickness, corner profile shape, and color and opacity of the ink.


Prints on SINTRA® Board

SINTRA® Board is a PVC material that is incredibly durable and simple to clean, making it an ideal artwork substrate for high-traffic areas. The plastic substrate allows for rich, vivid colors and crisp, detailed images. This economical substrate option provides the ability to install large, visually captivating pieces within a limited budget. The prints can withstand rigorous cleaning schedules and do not absorb moisture, making them easy to maintain.

PVC prints can be framed or unframed, installed with or without stand-offs, and its chemical resistance and Class A fire rating make it a safe option for locations with strict fire codes.

Prints on Tempered Glass

Tempered glass uses the transparent properties of glass for a luminous and striking display option. Heat-processed to increase its strength, tempered glass works as a moisture- and heat-resistant substrate, making it appropriate for both indoor and outdoor settings. With its sleek and polished appearance, tempered glass projects the illusion of an image “floating” on its surface, offering a contemporary option for an upscale look.

Customize by choosing the thickness and preferred standoff hardware, if desired.

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