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Our team has extensive experience and a deep understanding of how design elements can positively impact the individuals you serve. Your consultant will guide you through the selection of imagery and products designed to enhance the aesthetic of your space.

Connie Wetmore Senior Art Consultant

Connie Wetmore | Senior Art Consultant

Connie Wetmore has been contributing to the design and management of high-end art programs in hospitality, healthcare, corporate, and residential spaces since 2001 when she began her career with Joan Warren-Grady’s Fine Art Advisory in San Diego. Her ability in art consultation is far beyond selecting existing artwork to fit built environments. More so, her strengths are situated in conceptualizing unique, client-driven designs and installations. She communicates the client’s vision, while pragmatically backing collaborative ideas with her extensive project management experience. Clients depend on her knowledge for specific art placement and exceptional eye for color which was proven through her perfect score of ‘0’ (zero) on ‘The Farnsworth-Munsell 100 hue test’. Connie earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Abstract Painting from West Virginia University.

Kelly Wilson, EDAC Senior Art Consultant

Kelly Underwood, EDAC | Senior Art Consultant

Kelly is a highly skilled art consultant for both healthcare and senior living environments, and has a great eye for designing cohesive art packages based on impact, touchpoints, color scheme and client vision. In the previous year, Kelly served as the lead designer on 15 large-scale built environment improvement programs. Over the course of these projects she conducted site surveys, created artwork presentations and coordinated featured art installations. Prior to joining ARCH Design, she worked as an interior designer. Kelly earned her Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art with an emphasis in graphic design from Southern Illinois University and earned her Master of Business Administration with an emphasis in marketing from the University of Missouri – St. Louis. Additionally, she is certified in Evidence-Based Design through the Center for Health Design.

Andrea Caldwell, EDAC | Senior Art Consultant

Andrea contributes a deep understanding of how individuals react to therapeutic and healing artwork. Before joining ARCH, she studied studio art, art therapy and psychology, and became familiar with how art impacts healing. Andrea always aims to select artwork that is engaging, healing and aesthetically pleasing to all viewers. Andrea recently completed a project for a new state-of-the-art hospital with 17 original works of art from local artists, over 250 pieces of framed artwork, and more than 50 wall graphics. She works as a studio artist in her free time and believes working as both a designer and artist influences aspects of her work life and inspires creativity in both realms. Andrea earned her Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art, as well as a certificate in art therapy, from Webster University. She is also certified in Evidence-Based Design through the Center for Health Design.

Carly Kurka Art Consultant

Carly Kurka | Senior Art Consultant

In addition to her full-time role as a senior art consultant at ARCH Design, Carly works as a contemporary artist and colorist specializing in painting and printmaking. Carly’s work has been featured in group exhibitions and solo shows across North America and is included in private and corporate collections around the globe. Carly earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting, drawing, and printmaking, as well as a minor in art history and archaeology, from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Prior to joining ARCH Design, Carly worked at a collaborative printmaking studio and gallery, working one-on-one with nationally recognized artists to create numerous series of artwork. Carly’s work at ARCH includes eight key accounts in various hospitality, healthcare, and senior living communities. Carly specializes in fine art commissions working with local and national artists directly.

Leslie Song, EDAC | Art Consultant

Leslie is a contemporary artist with a background in both fine art and graphic design. She continues to work as a studio artist and uses her sensitivities for color and composition to create unique designs as well as custom wall graphics for various senior living, healthcare, and corporate spaces. Prior to joining ARCH Design, she worked at a non-profit art studio as an Assistant Art Manager and supported local artists with developmental disabilities. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting and fiber arts from Truman State University, as well as a Master of Science in Textile Design from Thomas Jefferson University. Additionally, she is certified in Evidence-Based Design through the Center for Health Design.

Emily Wilhelm | Associate Art Consultant

Emily’s experience in corporate design and residential home staging makes her well-equipped to select artwork for a variety of interiors. She excels at accentuating interior furniture and finishes through her artwork selections. Emily particularly enjoys researching regionally-specific projects, as it allows her to develop unique and thoughtful ways to align the artwork selections with her clients’ visions. She’s also an artist who enjoys painting and sketching in her free time. Emily earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in interior design from Maryville University.

Leslie Godwin | Project Manager

Leslie works closely with the design team at ARCH as a project manager. A creative and process-driven person, she coordinates with the design team to communicate and respond to client requests while ensuring a seamless customer experience. Leslie’s customer service background, paired with her time working in healthcare environments, has given her an immense understanding of the importance of clear communication between client and vendor. Leslie is passionate about promoting local artists and values the opportunity to assist the design team and support our clients on their project needs.

Abby Deckard | Project Manager

Abby supports the design team at ARCH Design by assisting with project management, generating comprehensive pricing quotes, and processing orders for clients. Her meticulous attention to detail and proficiency in organization ensure that timelines are met, and quotes accurately contain materials that fall within project budget requirements. Abby’s previous work experience and studies facilitated the development of her refined analytical and problem-solving expertise. Skilled at evaluating, analyzing and interpreting information, she makes thoughtful recommendations for clients. Abby earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Missouri – St. Louis.

Ron Macke | Senior Environmental Graphic Designer

Ron Macke has been working in the signage, wayfinding and environmental graphic design industry since 2001. With over 19 years of design and project management experience, he specializes in developing custom signage and environmental graphic solutions to create functional, navigable and aesthetically pleasing interior spaces. He is passionate about creating solutions that communicate memorable brand experiences and optimize the built environment. Ron earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design with an emphasis in architecture from Kansas State University.

Audrey Mills Graphic Designer

Audrey Mills | Graphic Designer

As a member of the Design Team, Audrey uses her graphic design skills to enhance client artwork, providing them customized images that fit their organization’s unique vision. Audrey also develops cohesive and impactful environmental branding experiences using environmental graphic design, as well as history and honor wall displays for leading healthcare systems across the United States. Audrey studied graphic design and graduated summa cum laude from Maryville University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design.

Megan Cox | Graphic Design Production Artist

As a part of the design team, Megan develops signage and wayfinding concepts to reflect the unique character of each built environment. Megan has a deep understanding of how people interact with their surroundings, allowing her to design clear wayfinding systems to support optimal navigation of a space. Her attention to detail and time management skills ensure that each signage package is designed to meet the facility’s needs while adhering to the project timeline. In addition, Megan supports the design team in creating custom wall and window graphics. Megan earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design from The University of Central Missouri.

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Evidence-Based Design Accreditation and Certification
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