Artwork Substrate Options for Healthcare and Senior Living

Choosing the Right Artwork Substrate

The art you choose can help transform the space you have into the place you’ve always pictured. But just as important as the photography or imagery itself is the material it’s printed on.

Different substrates are better suited for different environments, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality, so what you purchase today can have a significant impact on your facility—and your budget—in the years to come.

With numerous substrate options available at every price point, you can transform any artwork, graphic, or photograph into a custom piece that best fits your facility and appeals to your audience.

Framed Prints

Even if you’re not an artist, framed artwork gives you the chance to play a role in the creative process. The frame and mats you choose can enhance the beauty of the photography or print while tying together the space surrounding it by complementing the room’s décor and finishes.

Canvas Prints

The classic look of conventional canvas has been adapted for a more contemporary world. No longer limited to playing host to hand-painted originals, today this versatile fabric can be printed with any art or photo.

Prints on Solid Surfaces

More captivating than framed prints, more modern than canvas, solid printing surfaces add another level of texture to an environment, engaging the viewers’ senses in exciting new ways. These nontraditional substrates have become a favorite among interior designers and facility managers.

Prints on Vinyl

Sometimes called digital wall coverings or supergraphics, vinyl wall and window graphics strongly convey any message—whether emphasizing branding or improving wayfinding and navigation. Printed on high-quality vinyl, these graphics can be cut into any shape and applied to nearly any surface.

Functional Artwork Applications

Utilitarian, but never unsightly, functional artwork pulls double-duty, reducing ambient noise, enhancing privacy and hiding eyesores while accenting your surroundings in bold, brilliant color. Although your residents or patients just see a beautiful print, they will feel the comfort it delivers day in and day out.

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