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Bryan Haynes


Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital


BJC HealthCare

About the Artwork

The upper levels of Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital feature vivid nature artwork and depictions of popular outdoor activities.

Missouri artist Bryan Haynes was commissioned to create two original paintings inspired by Creve Coeur Lake Park. The park is located minutes from the hospital, and many patients have visited the grounds on sunny afternoons.

Haynes referenced maps and photographs to gather inspiration and create two unique perspectives. The scenes encompass distant views, bright and beyond our touch, making this artwork an excellent fit for the hospital’s upper floors theme of Bright Horizons.

Creve Coeur Lake

SketchFinished Painting

Creve Coeur Lake depicts what a viewer might see from the north shore of the lake. The foreground includes butterfly milkweed, blue vervain, red-winged blackbirds, and meadowlarks, all native to the area. A lone fisherman stands on the bank of the distant water, and two boats sail in the calm breeze.

Dripping Springs

SketchFinished Painting

Dripping Springs is a unique conceptual piece that merges several perspectives from familiar locations and hiking trails throughout the park. The bird’s-eye view painting depicts the historic Dripping Springs landmark, a recognizable stone walking bridge, and a trail leading hikers up a hill to an overlook.

About the Artist

Bryan Haynes is an award-winning local artist based in Washington, Missouri. His brilliant use of color and desire to connect art to expression and emotion made him an ideal choice for this commission.

Haynes’ artwork ranges from smaller-scale paintings and prints to large-scale murals in public and private collections. His artwork has been featured on book and album covers, advertisements, and much more.

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