The proven benefits of artwork have inspired many healthcare and senior living facility designers and managers to integrate artwork into their new construction and renovation projects. No longer considered just part of the décor, artwork in healthcare and senior living spaces has become a significant component in the overall design process, requiring in-depth planning and precise estimating to get the most value out of every dollar available.

As you’ll quickly discover, art procurement demands more than just selecting a pretty picture—by the time you add in the hours it takes to research, source, acquire and install an appropriate and cohesive artwork plan, your budget and your timeline can take a significant hit. That’s why it’s critical to look beyond the price of each piece to the totality of the entire project.

By taking the following three factors into consideration, you can allocate the proper budget for adding artwork to your new construction or renovation project.

Art in Hospital Reception Area

How many pieces do you need?

While our minds immediately go to outfitting patient and resident rooms, waiting rooms and public spaces when planning an art program, we tend to forget that the experience begins the moment someone walks through your doors. That’s why it’s just as essential to procure pieces for outdoor areas, including the front entry, plazas and patios, to appeal to patrons as well as staff-only areas to energize and motivate your team.

How will the image & materials you choose drive the price?

As important as it is to know your budget, it is equally as important to know the factors that drive the price of a piece of artwork. There are three main factors: the image itself, the materials used and the size of the finished piece. By understanding these factors, you can develop a comprehensive art program that delivers the ultimate experience, all tailored to your budget and needs.

What is the price of the piece versus its true cost in terms of time & quality?

When budgeting or procuring artwork, don’t just look at the price of the piece, but consider the cost of the entire project. Every step in the procurement process, from searching for that perfect piece to having someone install it in your facility, takes time to accomplish. Plus, choosing a high-quality, highly durable piece rather than taking the less expensive route today can save you considerable costs over the lifetime of the artwork.

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