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Carrie Gillen


Saint Louis Bank


Saint Louis, Missouri

dimensional art

About the Artwork

Our client emphasized the importance of working with a local artist to design a bold feature piece for their conference room.

With the idea of dimensional and colorful statement art in mind, the goal for the commission was to spark creativity and collaboration among those who enter the space. The team commissioned Saint Louis artist Carrie Gillen for her eclectic style and unique approach to fabric artworks.

Gillen strategically bent metal wires to build a custom armature, or interior framework, to create the piece. She then stretched fabric atop the armature, twisting it to create crisp ridges while adding dimension and movement. She applied layers of paint, contrasting pastels with darker, cool-toned hues to complement the existing interior while bringing energy to the space.

The conference room features a marble wall and showcasing the artwork without damaging the marble required that the piece be suspended from the ceiling using metal cables.

The eye-catching contemporary work of art creates a striking focal point with eccentric dimensional linework and vibrant hues.

Designed and installed specifically to meet the needs of our client, this captivating work of art infuses the room with color, adding a creative touch of modernity to the collaboration space.

art in conference room
St. Louis Artist Carrie Gillen

About the Artist

Creating stretch-fabric works for nearly a decade, Saint Louis-based artist Carrie Gillen uniquely blends the perfect combination of painting and sculpture through her two mediums: fabric compositions and sheetrock excavations.

Before graduating with her Bachelor of Arts in Studio Arts, Carrie created large-scale paintings and heavily explored the realm of sculpture. Beginning with canvases, she formed her unique art style by bending and shaping different materials to develop dimensional sculptures.

Carrie has since earned her Master of Fine Arts Degree in Studio Arts and currently specializes in dimensional sculptures, and commissioned fabric works.

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