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Cbabi Bayoc


Siteman Cancer Center at Northwest HealthCare


BJC HealthCare

About the Artwork

A strong community of healing and growth is reflected in this painting by St. Louis artist Cbabi Bayoc at Siteman Cancer Center at Northwest HealthCare. Located in Florissant, Missouri, the hospital has strong cultural ties to its surrounding area. Bayoc’s painting encourages patients and their families to live a full and active life with symbols of meditation, exercise, and healthy eating.

The details of the piece focus on the multi-faceted nature of all people and an element of spirituality. The balancing stones represent the belief that something larger exists within all of us.

The painting reveals the beauty in various elements coming together to create one structure, and the bees symbolize joining together as a larger community. Bayoc also incorporated the client’s logo to reflect the importance of their place in the community.

canvas painting

Concept Sketch

Finished Piece

inspirational artwork

About the Artist

Local to St. Louis and internationally known, Cbabi (pronounced Kuh-bob-bi) Bayoc paints the world as he wants it to be for people and their children. He is known for his portraits, public and school murals, and children’s book illustrations.

Bayoc spends time visiting local schools and sharing his life experiences to encourage children to develop power over their own destinies.

Cbabi’s unique ability to creatively depict images of love, hope, positive family relationships, and human kindness made him an ideal choice for this commission.