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Priscilla Robinson


SSM Health St. Joseph Hospital – 
Lake Saint Louis


SSM Health

About the Artwork

Our client envisioned colorful and unique art echoing the natural environment at their Lake Saint Louis hospital. The three-panel piece composed of handmade painted paper with deckled edges was commissioned from Priscilla Robinson.

The selection of colors and textures was designed to inspire a calm, serene feeling that reflects the patterns and movement of the body of water that gives the local community its name.

About the Artist

Mixed media artist Priscilla Robinson creates eye-catching wall sculptures and painted panels. Robinson uses color and texture combined with unconventional materials to create unique art inspired by the delicate beauty of nature. She produces paper from plant fibers, which brings a natural component to her art. This process of incorporating nature into art perfectly aligned with our client’s goal of connecting the space to the outdoor environment.

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