Glazing Considerations: Protect Your Art From the Start

What is Glazing?

No, we’re not talking about doughnuts. Glazing refers to the clear glass or acrylic that covers most framed artwork. The glazing you use can defend your new artwork against dust, dirt, humidity, and damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays. Finding a solution that protects your piece, while also enhancing it, requires both an eye for aesthetics and an understanding of the environmental factors that could affect your framed artwork.

Why Are There so Many Options?

Advancements in glazing have given art buyers more options than ever before, but the more choices you have, the harder the decision can be. As with anything you purchase, safeguarding your investment comes with a cost, and the more priceless the piece, the higher the price to protect it.

Which Is the Best Choice?

Glazing decisions require identifying the needs, then balancing the features and drawbacks of each option. For example, acrylic, or plexiglass, has become the glazing of choice for clients who are as concerned about safety as they are about the preservation of their artwork. Acrylic is often a better option than glass in high-traffic areas because it is shatter-resistant. However, acrylic is more susceptible to scratches than glass and can become cloudy if repeatedly cleaned with harsh or abrasive cleaning products. By making the right choice upfront, you can save hundreds, if not thousands, in repair or replacement costs down the road.

Get the free guide to learn about our 3-step process for choosing the appropriate glazing for your project
Get the free guide to learn about our 3-step process for choosing the appropriate glazing for your project

To make your decision easier, we’ve created a guidebook with a simple 3-step process to help you with your selection.

  1. Glass or Acrylic: Which Is the Best Option for Your Space?
  2. UV Protection: Are You Concerned About Preserving Your Art?
  3. Clarity or Glare: Which Is the Bigger Concern?

Access the full guidebook to learn more about glazing options and which to choose to ensure your art is protected from the start.

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