Art Commissions in the Spotlight


Janice Schoultz-Mudd


Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital


BJC HealthCare

regional artist

About the Artwork

Our client’s vision for the upper levels of the hospital was to instill hope through sky-related imagery like birds, hot air balloons, and clouds to illustrate the theme of Bright Horizons.

In keeping with the theme, regional artist Janice Schoultz-Mudd was commissioned to create a mixed media piece depicting Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks. The recognizable shoreline in the artwork connects patients and visitors to the popular regional destination.

The artist referenced aerial photographs to create a piece portraying a bird’s eye view of the unique landscape. The finished artwork serves as inspiration for visitors to see beyond their existing circumstances and limitations.

Progress Photos

About the Artist

Missouri artist Janice Schoultz-Mudd creates textured multi-media artwork to explore connections of people and landscapes. She often uses aerial images to outline an accurate landscape, then infuses her abstract approach to depict her subject in a delightfully unconventional fashion.

Schoultz-Mudd was an ideal choice for this project because her style perfectly aligned with our client’s vision of new heights and horizons.