Art Commissions in the Spotlight


John Garrett


SSM Health St. Joseph Hospital – Lake St. Louis


Lawrence Group

About the Artwork

Our client requested a statement piece to depict the healing qualities of nature while incorporating a connection to the lake area that the hospital overlooks.

The planned location in the elevator lobby was not deep enough for a freestanding sculpture, and the wood paneling prevented art from being hung on the wall. So, ARCH’s consultant proposed a custom piece suspended from the ceiling to fit the space.

Artist John Garrett was commissioned to create a mixed media tapestry. Reminiscent of a waterfall as it cascades from the ceiling, the art piece draws patients and staff down a long corridor to the elevators.

Its shimmering texture evokes the lake’s surface, while its structure resembles fishing nets. Some might recognize the allusion to fishing as a reference to Christianity, aligning well with SSM’s Health’s faith-based mission.

commissioned mixed media art

About the Artist

New Mexico artist John Garrett was a good match for this project, which required out-of-the-box thinking. Well versed in unconventional construction, Garrett uses a distinct and atypical choice of materials to create his contemporary art.

Inspired by Native American weaving and textiles, Garrett’s work lends a sense of warmth to clinical spaces while beautifully portraying the powerful spirituality and comfort of our natural world.

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