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Why Work with ARCH?

Selecting and procuring artwork and wall décor for healthcare and senior living facilities requires more than a great eye for design. Developing a cohesive art package designed to fit the needs of the space and the individuals within requires countless decisions related to the style, materials, and placement of each piece of artwork.

For busy managers in planning, design, construction, and facilities roles, curating an art collection can feel overwhelming. However, partnering with a turnkey commercial artwork supplier like ARCH Design can make the process considerably easier and more efficient.

Access the Guidebook to Learn How ARCH Design Can Simplify Artwork for Your Next Project

Access the Guidebook

At ARCH Design, our mission is to deliver client-centered designs and products that enrich the places where people live, work and heal. We offer a tailored approach to each project by sourcing imagery from artists and photographers local to each project location. We’re passionate about providing local artwork solutions that contribute to the wellbeing of patients, residents, visitors, and staff alike.

To be a successful turnkey art provider, completing projects on time, on budget, and with outstanding results requires a well-defined process. Our process-driven approach occurs over four distinct phases:

  • Discovery
  • Planning & Design
  • Procurement & Production
  • Delivery & Installation

Throughout these phases, we’ll recommend artwork options that complement your facility and celebrate and honor your local region, your patients, residents, and your community. We’ll also take great care in suggesting materials and options that are mindful of the demands of the space, patient and resident satisfaction, and aesthetic appeal.

We know that there are many decisions surrounding artwork, signage, and display solutions. We want to help make the process easy for you. Access the guidebook to learn how we simplify artwork selection and procurement for healthcare and senior living environments.

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Why Work with ARCH?

ARCH Design is a leading national firm dedicated to improving the patient and resident experience through integrated visual design and wayfinding solutions using artwork graphics and signage.

Our services include art consulting, environmental branding, signage consulting, custom fabrication, delivery, and installation of premium products at competitive prices.