Spotlight on Tactile Art


Belmont Village Senior Living


Tactile Art for Memory Care


Fort Lauderdale, Florida

About the Project

Director of Interior Design, Danielle Lavallee, envisioned a special project for the memory care wing at Belmont Village in Ft. Lauderdale. She wanted tactile art designed to engage residents while embracing the coastal theme of the building’s interior design. She specifically requested eight custom panels for the community’s memory care unit and asked the team at ARCH to help bring her vision to life.

This special project aligns with the client’s mission to treasure the community’s residents and promote living the best life possible within a beautiful, resort-like setting. With the goal of encouraging memories of time spent in the beloved beach community, the panels needed to fit in with the elegant décor and be meaningful to residents.

tactile art

ARCH developed and presented designs that were striking and impactful to view and touch, using easy-to-wipe down surfaces that could withstand the wear-and-tear of daily contact. After reviewing several options, our client decided on the following concepts: seashells, sea glass, driftwood, sculpted sand, fishing nets, nautical ropes, fish scales, and rippling water.

When residents feel the grittiness of the sand, they may be reminded of treasured times spent at the beach watching their children build sandcastles. When they run their fingers across the bumps and twists of the ropes and nets, they may think back fondly on weekend fishing trips with family and friends.

These Custom Tactile Panels Are Designed to Be Touched

About Tactile Art

Tactile art, a type of sensory art, is made up of mixed media with varying textures and surfaces, and as its name suggests, is meant to be appreciated through touch. The artwork encourages sensory exploration, which can strengthen cognitive and developmental function in individuals struggling with memory impairments such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Scientific studies show that interacting with tactile art can elicit retrieval of memories or familiar feelings in those struggling with memory disorders. This connection evokes positive emotions, and with it, a sense of peace and calm.

Engaging with tactile art can also serve as a means for social engagement and an outlet for residents to interact with the world around them. Tactile stimulation can have numerous benefits for memory care residents, including promoting mental wellness and improving their quality of life.