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Michael Bauermeister


Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital


BJC HealthCare

hospital sculpture

About the Artwork

Our client’s goal for this space was to incorporate visual artistic elements that echo the beauty and calm found in nature.

This hand-carved sculpture, created by regional artist Michael Bauermeister, connects patients, visitors, and staff to the surrounding area.

Made from the wood of native trees, the sculpture’s neutral colors and strategically-placed lighting convey the peaceful and sunlit water of nearby lakes and rivers.

With a soothing and contemplative tone, it is a literal and figurative extension of the natural environment.

About the Artist

Michael Bauermeister is a former furniture maker who draws inspiration from the local Missouri natural environment in his creations. He uses Missouri hardwoods, maple, oak, and linden and works with the parks department and local landscapers to find and reuse trees.

An Augusta, Missouri, resident, he enjoys hiking and canoeing in his hometown area. Inspired by the colors and textures of nature, Bauermeister’s art connects to the surrounding area, making him an ideal selection for this commission.

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