Art Commissions in the Spotlight


Michael Kessler


Blessing Health System 


Quincy, Illinois

About the Artwork

For Blessing Health Center, our client envisioned a modern healthcare space featuring unique artwork with subtle nods to the Blessing Health System brand.

ARCH procured two original paintings from artist Michael Kessler that incorporate shades of blue reflective of the brand.

Kessler’s paintings comprise several layers of acrylic paint applied using various tools and techniques to produce the dimensional effects associated with his distinct style. He creates irregular biomorphic patterns with diluted paint to achieve a translucent watercolor effect. The undefined shapes are paired with opaque geometric lines, creating a contrast to highlight the intricate details and dimensional effects.

The artist’s engaging creations may remind viewers of tree branches, vascular systems, or microscope slides, drawing parallels to nature and the human body and enhancing the artwork’s connection to the health center.

About the Artist

Contemporary abstract artist Michael Kessler is greatly influenced by nature and driven by the questions of how and why nature is the way it is. He draws inspiration from organic layers found in different landscapes and terrains, as well as sedimentation and erosion patterns.

Exploring and mimicking these natural processes led Kessler to discover and master his signature style. His work is widely exhibited in the United States and abroad and has appeared in numerous museum collections.

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