From Concept to Completion


Belmont Village Senior Living


Poolside Patio Succulents


Los Angeles, CA

The Vision

For Belmont Village Senior Living Westwood, our client wanted to add a touch of paradise to their poolside patio.

Since much of the art and décor inside the residence incorporates succulents and geometric shapes, the goal was to carry these design elements outdoors.

Our client initially envisioned live succulents in acrylic planters, but as the team worked through the idea, they determined that the soil required for live plants would obscure the view of the greenery.

The Concept

Working with our client’s initial vision, our team suggested faux succulent arrangements secured in modern hanging geometric cages. This way, the residents could enjoy the beauty of the greenery from all angles. Attractive, low-maintenance, and durable, this was an ideal solution.

Elevation Rendering

The Installation

The succulent cages were installed at varying heights, a detail intended to create visual movement throughout the suspended display.

senior living artwork
ceiling sculptures

The Result

Aesthetically pleasing from all angles, the radiant hanging décor is a harmonious feature that elevates the design of the outdoor patio, while complementing the community’s interior.