Art Commissions in the Spotlight


Rosemary Pierce


Blessing Health Center


Quincy, Illinois

wood sculpture for healthcare

About the Artwork

The team at Blessing Health System envisioned a colorful statement piece with universal appeal for its new health center in Quincy, Illinois.

Modern artist Rosemary Pierce was commissioned to create an original 12-foot wooden sculpture in her signature style. On her Instagram, Pierce said, “I love being able to add love and light to a space like this with my art.”

The sculpture, titled Ocean Shimmer in 3D, adds interest and a pop of vibrant color to the space. The varied texture and smooth color gradation offer a unique focal point for patients to enjoy during their visit.

The abstract and modern artwork complements the building’s contemporary architectural design with a fresh and stylish look while bringing joy to the medical center’s expanding patient population in the growing community.

About the Artist

Rosemary Pierce is a modern abstract artist who creates original multi-dimensional wall sculptures for public spaces. She creates her bright and bold three-dimensional works of art at her California studio for clients around the world.

Pierce uses mostly wood to make the cubes, orbs, slats, and other geometric shapes that she arranges into her designs. She paints her creations with rich and contrasting colors, then adds a high-gloss finish to complete her signature look. The result is vibrant and uplifting art meant for everyone to enjoy.