Art Commissions in the Spotlight


Saint Louis Zoo Animals


St. Louis Children’s Hospital


BJC HealthCare

zoo animal art for healthcare

About the Artwork

Each floor of the 12-story expansion at St. Louis Children’s Hospital features artwork and imagery tied to popular destinations and activities in the adjacent Forest Park. On this particular floor, the theme is the Saint Louis Zoo. What better way to connect the artwork to the zoo than to have animals at the zoo create original art?

The creative critters displayed their wild side by frolicking across non-toxic paint-covered floors, leaving their colorful tracks on white card stock. The playful paintings were framed in shadowboxes and mounted with spacers to make the artwork pop against the white background. Kids and adults enjoy guessing what kind of animals made the prints and imagining how they created their artwork.

About the Artists

Playful penguins, a remarkable rhinoceros, and a sassy sea lion created these colorful commissions during an enrichment exercise at the Saint Louis Zoo.

The penguins and seal were encouraged to traipse through paint and to leave their “footprints,” while the rhino opted to spread the paint with its prehensile lips, resulting in colorful and childlike paintings for the patients and families of St. Louis Children’s Hospital to enjoy.

Literally straight from the source, the artwork met our client’s goal of forging a strong connection to the nearby Saint Louis Zoo in a uniquely creative way.