From Concept to Completion


Caddis Partners, LLC


Heartis Bucks County


Warminster, Pennsylvania

The Vision

Our client wanted to incorporate a special collection of artwork to accentuate the salons’ glamorous interior. The salons feature a tranquil color scheme, eye-catching lighting fixtures, and exquisite interior finishes.

senior living salon art

The Concept

Our art consultant suggested highlighting everyday items related to beauty and self-care. The original concept included antique hand mirrors, vintage perfume labels, and classic hairpins to remind residents of their own cherished accessories. The client loved the idea of including classic brooches and hair accessories.

The Process

The selected items were grouped in different patterns and mounted on a navy blue suede background. A bottom-weighted mat enhances the focal point of each composition, while a round silver frame adds to the elegance of each arrangement.

The Result

The unique collection adds a touch of shimmer and sparkle and reminds residents of their own cherished keepsakes as they enjoy a day of pampering in the upscale salon.

custom wall art