Art Commissions in the Spotlight


Sheppard Morose


Missouri Baptist Medical Center


Saint Louis, Missouri

About the Artwork

Saint Louis artist Sheppard Morose was commissioned to create a series of nature-inspired canvas paintings for a long corridor at Missouri Baptist Medical Center. The collection, titled Nature’s Gifts, includes 19 custom paintings arranged in complementary groupings.

The collection features various color gradations paired with botanical patterns derived from nature. The combination of abstract and representational depictions resonates with a broad audience and promotes a more relaxing and inviting atmosphere for patients and visitors.

About the Artist

St. Louis-based artist Sheppard Morose is known for her bright, bold abstract works and her nature-inspired paintings for healthcare environments. A background in graphic design and her creative eye propelled her toward a career in fine art.

Her striking geometric patterns and use of vivid hues result in uplifting and engaging original designs. Her paintings and prints add lively energy and rich color to public and private collections across the United States.

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