From Concept to Completion


Lutheran Senior Services


Mason Pointe Grand Staircase


Town & Country, Missouri

The Vision

Lutheran Senior Services requested a custom statement piece for the grand staircase at Mason Pointe to serve as a stunning focal point for the entryway.

They envisioned something dimensional and contemporary with an upscale feel for the enjoyment of their residents and visitors.

It was important for the art to showcase movement to reflect the vibrant and active lifestyle of the residents who live there.

The Concept

Our team presented several concepts based on the vision for the artwork, and our client selected their preferred design concept. Inspired by the chosen concept, our team collaborated to customize the design, creating a unique one-of-a-kind piece tailored to their space. Below are a few of the initial concepts that were presented to our client.

The Process

We identified a skilled custom fabricator who could achieve the desired look of the custom sculpture. Materials were carefully selected to keep it lightweight and ensure a safe installation. Constructed from moldable polymer materials and painted a clean, matte white, the artwork resembles the elegant look of ceramic without the additional weight.

The Result

As the lobby’s focal point, the sculpture captivates residents and visitors with its swirling patterns, giving the impression of movement. The distinctive sculpture exudes the initially desired upscale feel for the space. Designed and fabricated specifically to meet our client’s needs, this wall sculpture is a stunning and unique accent for the entry of Mason Pointe.