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Talley Fisher


CHRISTUS Mother Frances Hospital – Tyler


CHRISTUS Health System

About the Artwork

The suspended sculpture, titled Faith Flows, at CHRISTUS Mother Frances Hospital – Tyler, reflects our client’s spiritual vocation of forward-moving service.

Uplifting and spiritual, the river-like sculpture flows from the entrance and into the main corridor at the hospital’s Bradley-Thompson Tower. Made of light perforated aluminum, the sculpture adds an airy vibrance to the hospital’s atrium.

The sculpture incorporates elements of the client’s logo and branding scheme, and the curved shape of each piece mirrors the architectural design of the hospital’s tower and adjacent heart hospital.

Timelapse Installation of the Suspended Sculpture in Bradley-Thompson Tower

About the Artist

Specializing in custom suspended sculptures, Pennsylvania artist Talley Fisher creates inspiring original artwork for hospitals, airports, and other public spaces around the world.

Her experience and style made her an optimal match for our client who requested a distinctive lobby sculpture reflective of their mission and brand identity.

As she explains on her website, Fisher uses suspended artwork to “evoke optimism, inspire curiosity, and engage and enliven the experience of the visitor to the space,” and finds these effects on viewers rewarding as an artist.