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Third Degree Glass Factory


Custom Blown Glass Sculpture


Compass Oncology

dimensional logo

About the Artwork

Our client requested a hand-blown glass sculpture resembling their logo for an interior stairwell area.

To achieve this goal, ARCH Design partnered with the artisans at Third Degree Glass Factory to create a one-of-a-kind sculptural representation of the Compass Oncology logo.

ARCH provided a variety of conceptual illustrations to lead the direction of the project. Every detail was well thought out, including the size, shape, and number of components, as well as their precise level of color saturation and gradation. Additionally, custom mounting hardware was designed to reduce the distance between the installed pieces and the wall. Each bracket was painted to match the wall to create a seamless appearance.

Master glassblowers skillfully crafted the pieces that make up the design. The final piece emulates the movement and shape of the logo while serving as a visual reminder of the Compass Oncology brand. The resulting aesthetic is clean and organized and offers a unique focal point in the space.

About the Artists

ARCH collaborated with glassblowers Aaron Quigley and Jon Biscan at Third Degree Glass Factory in St. Louis, Missouri.

Quigley specializes in a style of glassblowing that adds a dimensional effect and changes the appearance of each piece depending on its viewer’s perspective. His meticulous approach allowed him to match each element to the subtle gradient seen in the Compass Oncology logo. Glassblower Jon Biscan’s expertise in infusing bold, bright colors made him an ideal choice to assist on this project.