From Concept to Completion


Belmont Village Senior Living


Outdoor Valet Art


Los Angeles, CA

The Vision

Our client requested a series of artwork for their valet area that would reflect the design components featured inside Belmont Village Senior Living Westwood.

The interior design of the residence merges geometric shapes with natural elements such as wood grain, floral patterns, and succulents, a plant found in the surrounding California natural environment.

Belmont Village Senior Living Logo
Commissioned resin art

The Concept

ARCH Design initially presented this concept using rough sketches, which later evolved into full-scale drawings. The lead art consultant suggested layering a circular-shaped wooden panel atop a square wooden base to incorporate geometric shapes while complementing the beautiful wood finishes throughout the community. To add color, dimension, and texture, thoughtfully placed moss and succulents were added to each piece to connect the natural design elements seen throughout the luxury residence.

The Process

ARCH Design commissioned epoxy resin artist Kara Ivey to help bring the vision to life. The geometrically shaped wooden base panels were positioned to display opposing wood grain patterns, accentuating the dimension and shape of each layer. Carefully placed faux moss and succulents were secured in layers of protective epoxy resin, creating the illusion of greenery floating in pools of water.

The Result

The resulting display has a modern, clean-edge feel and extends the interior design elements to the outdoor valet area. This one-of-a-kind, original triptych art installation welcomes residents and visitors, giving them a sneak peek of what’s to come inside. Danielle Lavallee, the Director of Interior Design at Belmont Village Senior Living, exclaimed, “I love these pieces because it’s the first impression. It tells people we’re different and we’re modern, and that we take the local environment into account.”

valet art