Guide: Working with ARCH Design

How We Simplify Signage Planning and Procurement in Healthcare and Senior Living

Selecting and procuring signage for healthcare and senior living facilities requires time and careful planning to ensure that those visiting and navigating a facility can feel at ease. Developing a signage program designed to fit the needs of the space and the individuals within requires countless decisions related to the style, materials and placement for each piece of signage, in addition to building codes and ADA regulations.

For busy managers in planning, design, construction and facilities roles, curating an effective signage program can feel overwhelming. However, partnering with a turnkey commercial signage supplier like ARCH Design can make the process considerably easier and more efficient.

In This Guide:

  • The four phases of the ARCH Design signage process

  • How our process-driven approach simplifies signage procurement in healthcare and senior living

  • How signage design standards can ensure a consistent approach across multiple facilities and help maximize your budget

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