Art Commissions in the Spotlight


Jeffrey Vaughn


Memorial Hospital Shiloh


BJC HealthCare

About the Artwork

Our client requested artwork representing the local community, history, and nature in Shiloh, Illinois. Jeffrey Vaughn was among a group of talented regional artists commissioned to create an original piece of artwork for Memorial Hospital Shiloh.

The tranquil garden paths surrounding the hospital inspired the photo-realistic oil painting, enticing viewers to step into the art. The artist referenced a photograph of a nature path lined with bright wildflowers on a sunny afternoon. He first sketched an outline of the scene before adding fine details and colors to create the intricate oil painting.

The vibrant piece is located in the elevator lobby and provides a pleasant distraction for patients and families.

About the Artist

Illinois native Jeffrey Vaughn is a photo-realistic painter and photographer who focuses on bringing landscapes to life through his artwork. He grew up near Memorial Hospital Shiloh and is familiar with the surrounding terrain.

Vaughn approaches his paintings with a quiet contemplativeness to capture the spiritual nature and beauty of the environments he portrays. His work has been published in New American Paintings, Fine Art Connoisseur, and American Art Collector.

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